Terms Of Service

  1. Introduction

There are certain Terms and Conditions that we use to manage our website. Therefore, if you use our website (Furtonu.com), you agree to our Terms and Conditions. If you disagree with any way with the Terms and Conditions provided, you are advised not to use the website.

  1. Intellectual property rights

Since we are not associated with any trademark, the site and/or its licensors own the intellectual property rights and materials found on the site. However, we do not own the intellectual property rights for third party names, logotypes or any other copyrighted material. When you access our website, you are only allowed to view the material the site contains.

  1. Purpose of the website

Our website serves as an online-based game to provide fun to the users. We are not a gambling site because we do not ask nor accept any deposits. We are only looking forward to helping our users have fun while passing time.

  1. Accounts

There are certain areas of this website that you cannot access unless you have identification. Hence, to access these areas, you need to log in using the user name and the password of your account. You need to provide your email for you to reset your password and perform other actions e.g. changing your profile information. You don’t need to provide real personal information when creating an account. You can use a non-personal email and username to create an account. Even though the site stores encrypted data and protect the data you have provided, creating an account is at owner’s risk. Therefore, if you create an account, we assume that you understand and accept the associated risk. Our privacy policy explains how the website stores and manages the data provided.

Each user is allowed to create one account only.

  1. Restrictions

Users are restricted from the following actions:
• Publishing material from the site to any other media without our consent
• Performing and/or showing any Website material publicly
• Sublicensing, selling and/or commercializing content from our website
• Using the website in a way that could be damaging to either the website or its users
• Using the website in a way that could have an impact on other users accessing the site
• Using the website in a way that does not abide by applicable laws and regulations i.e. using the site in a way that could cause harm to another person, business entity or the website itself
• Engaging in data harvesting, data mining, data extracting or related activities
• Creating an account using this website or a part of the entire website does not comply with your jurisdiction laws

  1. Your content

Your content refers to audio, images, text or any other material that you choose to display on our site. When you display your content, you give the site the permission to adapt, publish, reproduce or distribute the content in any form or media they prefer. You should own the content you display and it should not invade any third party’s rights. Finally, the website reserves the right to remove any of your content at any time without notice.

  1. Third-party content

The site displays offers and other third party content that’s fetched automatically from third party sources. We are not liable for the content that’s provided by third-party sources. Furthermore, when viewing or using third party content, you need to understand that their terms and conditions may apply.

  1. Payment and monetary value

The site does not accept any monetary deposits or payments in any currency. The balances and credit on the website are intended to be used for internal features to improve the site. The balances, credits and any other rewards on the site do not have any monetary value. The balances on the site can be changed or nullified without any prior notice.

  1. No warranties

Since the website is provided ‘as is’, we do not express any representations or warranties related to the site or the materials the site provides. None of the information should be interpreted as advising the users.

  1. Algorithms

The website does not disclose the algorithms used to determine the rewards to the user. Also, these algorithms can be modified at any time. The possibility of winning a reward is just an added advantage to some users while playing the games on the site. The winning rates are determined by the value the user has given to the website.

  1. Severability

If any of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid under any law applicable, the provision shall be removed/deleted without affecting other provisions.

  1. Indemnification

The site indemnifies you from and against any costs, liabilities, damages, causes of action, demands and expenses that may result when you breach any of these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Limitation of liability

The website and its employees, officers, and directors shall not be held liable for any consequences that are related to the use of this site in any way.

  1. Variation of terms

The site is allowed to review these Terms and Conditions at any time it sees fit. You are supposed to review these Terms and Conditions regularly to note any variations.

  1. Assignment

The site is allowed to transfer, assign and subcontract its rights and/or obligations found under these Terms and Condition without any notice. However, you (as a user) are not allowed to transfer, assign or subcontract the rights and/or obligations found under the Terms and Conditions of this site.

  1. Entire Agreement

The Terms and Conditions provided include the entire agreement between you and the website concerning how you will use the website and they oust any other agreements and understandings.